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June 15, 2009

Create Better Impact

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Create Better Impact

Game Developer -

Need education for your students or employees that you don’t have to repeat 100x?  Experiential education and play are effective ways to get that point across.

Topics: Systems Thinking, Sustainability, Environmental Justice, Local Living Economies, Renewable Energy, et cetera

Education Consulting -

Looking to create systems thinkers?  Interested in engaging students on a level where they are able to thrive?  Make your education as effective as they can possibly be.

Teacher trainings K-12, Curriculum Development Grades 5-12

Want to develop a strategy to make your message and materials more inclusive, positive, and change inspiring?

Interested in inspiring and empowering a classroom or a community of people to better their situation?

Contact Create Better Impact where the products of Sustainable Bonanza are brought to market.

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