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June 15, 2009

Create Better Impact

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Create Better Impact

Game Developer

Need education for your students or employees that you don’t have to repeat 100x?  Experiential education and play are effective ways to get that point across.

Topics: Systems Thinking, Sustainability, Environmental Justice, Local Living Economies, Renewable Energy, et cetera

Education Consulting –

Looking to create systems thinkers?  Interested in engaging students on a level where they are able to thrive?  Make your education as effective as they can possibly be.

Teacher trainings K-12, Curriculum Development Grades 5-12

Want to develop a strategy to make your message and materials more inclusive, positive, and change inspiring?

Interested in inspiring and empowering a classroom or a community of people to better their situation?

Contact Create Better Impact where the products of Sustainable Bonanza are brought to market.

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